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QuiP tape dispensers, speed and precision

The QuiP tape dispenser is a time saver for your intensive job preparation. Accurate tape appliance with straight cutting mechanism which is extremely useful in corners. Repeatable.
Available in different bandwidths. All tape brands fit in the dispenser. 

Our Products

Tape dispensers

Available in different bandwidth sizes: 24/25, 36 and 38 mm. Easy and accurate appliance. Straight lines and precisely cut in the corner. Fit for most tape brands.


QuiP delivers the Systainer standard with a foam inlay for tape and dispenser. A linkable case system for the profi, trade and industry. Always neatly organised.

Masking tape

We advise to use high performance tapes that create sharp painting lines. Use different tapes for different surfaces. Go for the best result! QuiP washi tape .

Why QuiPtaping?

Value can be measured in many ways— money, time, reputation, quality, environmental stewardship and productivity. In all of these ways, both qualitative and quantitative, QuiPtaping brings value to every project.


In business, labour is far the most important cost factor. QuiPtaping products have been carefully designed to help you to get the job done faster and more precise!


The ergonomic design of each QuiP taping dispensers adds to the comfort of the tradesman. Our dispenser is easy to use and safe to handle.


Your paintwork has never been so tight thanks to the QuiPtaping products. Easy and precise masking!


We carefully measure and monitor our production quality to ensure that the dispensers have the required precision.


The ergonomic design of QuiP taping dispensers helps with user comfort. Easy and safe to use.


Our tape dispensers help to apply tape faster and more accurately, resulting in a better result.

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