QuiP25 or 38 Tape dispenser with masking tape for delicate surfaces

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QuiP tape dispenser and masking tape for sensitive surfaces

QuiP tape dispenser and masking tape for sensitive surfaces. This enables to work quickly. The cutting system ensures that the tape can be cut straight ahead and at the precise and desired length. The tape has a low adhesive strength, suitable for masking on sensitive surfaces and wallpaper.

Masking tape

The purple low-tack tape is suitable for sensitive surfaces like wallpaper and latex paint. Our range of tapes is for various applications and surfaces. For sensitive, freshly painted, smooth, even and rough surfaces.

QuiP®tape dispenser and tape in 25 and 38 mm width

Tape Dispenser
We supply QuiP tape dispensers for different tape widths 25, 36 and 38 mm. For fast and accurate masking of tape. Suitable for you as a maintenance company, painter, plasterer or handyman. All tapes with a 3 inch core can be processed with the dispenser. Immediately ready for use and no more searching for the beginning of the tape, that saves a lot of annoyance! The cutting mechanism, controlled by a trigger, ensures precise and straight cutting of the tape. The housing protects the tape against dust, dirt and moisture to keep the tape in good condition. Choose the handy and solid storage case, so handy for preserving your tools!

Characteristics Tape dispenser:

  • Dimensions: LxWXH 9x6x1.2 inch (27x15x3cm)
  • Weight: 300 gram
  • Material: Polypropylene/ Metal
  • Colour Anthracite/ Green
  • Grip: pistol grip with trigger
  • Wheels: soft rubber to maximise masking
  • Cutting mechanism: Secure blade and safety mechanism
  • Additional tool: Steel guiding plate
  • Housing: Transparent cover protects the tape
  • ​Coil: Adjustable tension

Precision Masking tape for sensitive surfaces

QuiP Masking Tape for sensitive surfaces has a low adhesive strength and is suitable for application on, among other things, wallpaper and latex. The tape absolutely does not let paint and moisture through. The result: beautiful razor-sharp paint edges.
The tape can be used for all types of lacquers, wall paint and stains. With multiple layers of paint, we advise you to remove the tape after each layer to prevent several layers of paint from securing the tape and not coming loose when removed. Easily removable at an angle of 45 degrees, without glue residue and tearing of the tape.

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 3 cm
Tape Width

25 mm, 36 mm, 38 mm

Number of roles

1 box (24 roles), 1 box (36 roles), 1 roll, 12 roles, 24 roles, 3 roles, 6 roles

EAN Code

25mm: 8718104840706, 36mm: 8718104840867, 38mm: 8718104840782


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