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QuiP25 tape dispenser, 4 roles of washi tape in Systainer

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 189,90 (excl. VAT 156,94)

QuiP25 tape Dispenser and 25mmx 50m tapes in Systainer

QuiP25 tape dispenser 25mm/1 inch with 4 rolls of washi tape for masking with precision and ease making your job preparation efficiënt.  Achieving precision in straight lines and precise cutting. The functionality of the tape dispenser covers everything that helps you to save time. Even unwinding of the tape makes it a single handed exercise. A clever cutting system useful for corners in window frames for example, skirting boards, walls, and more. Also for small edges, sloping window frames or when you would like to keep some distance from the edge a guiding plate comes with the dispenser. When not needed this is fixated at the side of the masking dispenser. Time saving, convenience, and precision with QuiPtaping. Available in different sizes for different purposes.

Operable with one hand:  The masking tape dispenser has a pistol grip for good control and to cut the tape. This ensures that you can operate the dispenser with one hand.

Universal coil: The tape dispenser has a universal coil.Therefore suitable for all brands of tape. This means our QuiPtaping tape but also tape from other brands. The spool resistance can be adjusted a little- ideal for lower tack masking tapes to control the speed of tape application.

Rollers: The rollers on the tape dispenser ensure that the masking tape immediately adheres well to the wall.

Dispenser and tape in Systainer, a solid Storage System with foam inlay. Everything organised and protected. Comes with tape dispenser and  different masking tapes that are suited for masking on most common surfaces. The Systainer is the Storage Management System for the professional and comes with laser inlay, a QuiP handmasker and 4 rolls of masking tape 25mm.

The Systainer T-LOC stands for (Lock, Open and Connect)

Characteristics Masking Dispenser

  • Fits all tape brands
  • Masking straight lines, curves and precise in corners
  • Tape width 1 and 1 inch x 50m
  • Maximum control, single handed
  • Cutting System for straight and precise cutting
  • Housing protects tape from dust and dirt

Masking Tape 

  • Prof quality Washi tape – extra thin, strong
  • No leakage of paint
  • Straight painting lines
  • No residue when removing
  • Different tape adhesions for most surfaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Easy removable within 14 days


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