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QuiP25 Masking Tape Dispenser – 25mm/1 Inch

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QuiP25 Masking Tape Dispenser 25mm/1 Inch

QuiP maskingtape dispenser makes your masking job a simple task and is ideally suited for applying tape accurately and fast when using paint sprayers. Applying tape becomes a simple task with the QuiP25 Masking Dispenser. Quickly and with precision in a straight line. Cutting the tape is straight and precise. Useful for all those angles, such as skirting boards and walls. In addition, the Masking Dispenser comes with a steel plate that guides and helps you to apply tape accurately in small window frames, corners and edges. Because the tape is cut straight, it will be applied precisely in the corner. Besides the Hand Masker, The housing of the Masking Dispenser protects the tape resulting in dust and dirt do not have a chance to stick to the side of the tape. Always put the beginning of the tape straight at hand. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry and dust-free so that the tape sticks properly.

Masking Tape Dispenser characteristics:

  • Max tape width is 25mm
  • Cutting system: Secured blade
  • Pistol grip for control with trigger for cutting
  • Steel guiding plate leads you to cut accurate
  • Soft rubber wheels to press tape
  • Housing protects the tape
  • Adjustable coil: roll off tension
  • Dimensions: LxWXH 9x6x1.2 inch (27x15x3cm)
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Material: Polypropylene/ Metal
  • Colour Anthracite/ Green

Take the hassle out of your painting job!


This video demonstrates quickly how the QuiP25 tape dispenser works! First, Put the QuiP or masking tape in the dispenser, and you can start with taping.

1 review for QuiP25 Masking Tape Dispenser – 25mm/1 Inch

  1. David

    I have been using this tape dispenser for years now and I enjoy the convenience every time.

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