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QuiP36 Masking Dispenser for 36mm tape

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QuiP36 Masking Dispenser for 36mm tape. What is essential for a masking job: tape of good quality, a knife to cut the tape. Nothing else? There is more. The QuiP36 tape dispenser covers all features for accurate masking and precise cutting. Direct to the edge and also curves or patterns are easy to do. Maximises your final result! Your masking job becomes a simple and fast task. Ideally suited for preparation before spraying. Straight cutting and precise in corners, edges, such as windows, skirting boards and walls. In addition, the Masking Dispenser comes with a guiding plate that helps you when masking small window frames, corners or edges. The tape is cut exactly where you want it to be.

Why use a masking tape Dispenser?

The QuiP masking tape dispenser has many benefits. A couple of these benefits are described below;

Time-saving: The QuiP 36 masking tape dispenser saves you time tape during your masking and painting job. Because with the dispenser, you can easily and accurately apply tape. But you also have the beginning of the tape straight at hand. No more searching and peeling off the beginning of the tape. What saves you a lot of annoying moments!

Ergonomic design: The QuiP 36 masking tape dispenser can be operated with one hand. This is possible because of the pistol grip with a simple cut, tape is cut straight. This ensures that you have one hand left; this is ideal if you work on, for example, on a ladder.

Tape Protected: The housing of the Masking Dispenser protects the tape so that dust and dirt do not have a chance to stick to the side of the tape.

Precision: A secured internal knife is only activated when you want to cut the tape straight and precisely. This can ideally be suited for applying tape accurately and fast on, for example, small window frames, corners, and edges.

Features QuiP36

Demo video of the QuiP36 Tape dispenser

The QuiP 36 makes your masking and painting job a simple task. The benefits of this tape machine are shown in the demo video below.

Masking Dispenser characteristics:

  • Pistol grip with trigger for precise cutting
  • Cutting mechanism: Secure blade and safety mechanism
  • Additional tool: Steel guiding plate
  • The housing protects tape against dust
  • ​Soft rubber wheels to press tape
  • Material: Polypropylene/ Metal
  • Coil: Adjustable tension
  • Colour Anthracite/ Green
  • Weight: 270 grams
  • Dimensions: LxWXH 9x6x1.2 inch (27x15x3cm)
  • The QuiP Masking Dispensers is available in the following tape width; 25mm (1 inch), 36mm, and 38mm (1.5 inches).

Take the hassle out of your painting job!

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