Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers

Applying tape with the QuiP Handmasker enables you to work fast and precise! You want to achieve straight and sharp painting lines by the end of the day.
That is exactly what the QuiP Handmasker does, masking will be a time saving and easy task that helps you in your performance both in time, quality and money!

Apply masking tape accurate and straight

With the unique QuiP® Handmasker you are able to apply tape accurately in straight lines and you will be able to apply and cut the tape precisely in the corner. An improvement of your performance and improvement of the final result!

QuiP® Handmasker has some very useful features; first of all you always have the beginning of the tape without to search for it. Secondly the tool can be operated single handed. Thirdly the cutting mechanism cuts the tape and the shape of the dispenser enables you to cut precisely at the right length. Furthermore a cover protects the tape so dust, dirt and moisture do not have a chance to influence the tape quality. And most important: sharp painting lines is the prefect result!

Takes the hassle out of your painting job

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